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James Nowlan was a native of Waterford, Ireland. He was born 21 Jul 1787, and died 24 Apr 1840. He came to NB and settled at Sussex, Kings County. He married Mary Crawford, born 1787, died 20 Oct 1850.
Their son, James William Nowlan, born 4 Nov 1818 at Sussex, NB, died 26 Mar 1900:
married (1st), 7 Mar 1840, Miriam Hayward, born 25 Jul 1822, daughter of David Hayward of Kings County, died 7 Nov 1842. They had one son and one daughter.
He married (2nd), 9 Oct 1845, Leah Gillis born 1824, duaghter of Jesse Gillis, died 5 Feb 1824. They had one son and one daughter.
He married (3rd), 12 Jun 1851, Abigail Hayward, born 14 Feb 1846, daughter of David Hayward. They had five sons and four daughters.
PANB:MC1156 Graves Papers: James William Nowlan.

Michael Nowlan came from Waterford, Ireland to USA, then to NS, then to NB. He settled in Sussex Vale, Kings County and had a son, Michael Nowlan Jr., born 1788, died 1840.
PANB:MC80/1 Grace Aiton’s The story of Sussex and vicinity, page 37.
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