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Holy Ghost Parish
Riverside-Albert, Albert County


Holy Ghost Parish in Riverside-Albert before the steeple was removed
Holy Ghost Parish in
Before the Steeple was removed
In 1889, Fr. Carson, who succeeded Fr. McAuley, saw the need for a church at Beaverbrook, but this church was never completed. The area near Riverside was becoming more populated. In 1907 Fr. Francis Lochary was appointed pastor of the Missions of Albert County. The once prosperous settlement of New Ireland by now had bcome greatly depleted of its people, with many of them moving to other parts of Canada or to the States. It was decided to build a new church in Riverside. There the Holy Ghost Church was constructed in 1908. The land for the church was purchased from the Lieutenenat Governor of the Province, Abner Reid McClelan, a resident of Riverside, for the sum of three hundred dollars.1

Work on the new Catholic church at Riverside is proceeding. The building except the spire being now practically all in frame, and the inside covering on. The big hard pine roof trusses are now being set in place. The edifice which when completed will be a handsome structure, is 34 feet wide the main building is 58 feet high. J. T .C. McKean of Saint John is the architect, the contractor being Terrance Gould of Memramcook. The church is to cost, it is understood, in the vicinity of $4,500. It is expected the opening will take place in January.2

On June 30th, 1909, Bishop Casey of Saint John solemnly dedicated the Holy Ghost Church. The text of the Mass was taken from Matthew 16 v.18. “Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”3 The construction of the church and the purchase of a rectory next door (from Daniel Stewart for $1740.50) made Riverside the centre for the Catholic religion in Albert County.4


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