Annual Cultural Events
Saint John Area

There is a common, but very true, saying about the City of Saint John:

“The French discovered it. The Loyalists founded it. The Irish built it.”

Indeed, beginning with the end of the Napoleonic Wars after 1815, the hundreds of Irish immigrants arriving through the Port of Saint John became a prominent element within that City.


Another commonly known truth is that the Irish are always ready for a good time and are the first to reach out their hand in friendship.

Accordingly, Saint John, with its large contingent of Irish descendents celebrates its Irishness in many ways including the annual cultural events listed below. If there are other annual Irish cultural events in Saint John or Kings counties that should be added to this list, we would welcome submissions for this site.

Please click on an event below to learn more about it including when and where it takes place:

Saint John St. Patrick Week Celebrations

Belfast Children’s Vacation