Alexander Allison, born c1830 in Ireland, died 5 Oct 187. He came to NB and settled in South Esk Parish in Northumberland County. He married, in 1870, Mary Jane Fraser.
PANB:MC80/2689 Miramichi Branch of the NBGS, Some first families of the Miramichi.

Charles Frederick Allison b. 25 Jan 1795 at Cornwallis, NS, s/o James and Margaret (Hutchinson) Allison, died 20 Nov 1858. Came to NB in 1816 and settled in Sackville, NB. Married 23 Jun 1840 to Milcah Trueman b. 1819 d/o John and Nancy (Palmer) Trueman of Point de Bute, NB, d. 14 Jun 1884. Daughter Mary Allison b. 1 Sep 1847, died unm. 1 Jan 1871.

PANB:MC1156 Graves Papers: Charles Frederick Allison, 1 page
see also PANB:MC1/Allison for more data on Charles F. Allison and William Crane, first cousins and grandsons of Joseph and Alice Allison from Londonderry, Ireland to Horton, NS in 1769
see PANB:MC1/Wolhaupter
see also PANB:MC1286 Volume VIII Dictionary of Canadian Biography, pages 15 to 16.

John Allison, probably born in County Londonderry, Ireland, died c1839. He married Eleanor – . The family came to NB about 1824 and settled in Allison Settlement, or Boom Road in North Esk Parish, Northumberland County.

possible children:
1) Samuel Allison b. c1798 in Ireland, d. after 1861, m. 18 Oct 1826 Jane Hare b. c1808, died after 1861: had six children
2) Jane Allison b. c1802, d. after 1861, married 1826 Alexander Hare
3) Ann Eleanor Allison b. c1809, d. after 1871, married (1st) 1825 John Hillock b. c1797, m. (2nd) 1834 James McDonald b. c1799
4) John Allison b. c1810, d. after 1891, m. 1 Sep 1836 Jane Stewart b. c1818 d/o John Stewart and Elizabeth McLeod: had eight children
5) David Allison b. c1811, d. 1880, married 1843 Elizabeth Stewart born c1822 d/o Donald Stewart and Margaret Montgomery: they had seven children
6) Margaret Allison born 1816, died c1891, m. (1st) 1836 William White, married (2nd) 1838 Samuel Sherrard.

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see also PANB:MC80/1397 Daniel F. Johnson’s New Brunswick lineages, pages 45-46
see also PANB:MC80/2689 Miramichi Branch of the NBGS, Some first families of the Miramichi, 2 pages.

Joseph F. Allison born at Cornwallis, NS s/o James Allison of Ireland and Cornwallis, NS, and wife Margaret Hutchinson. Came to NB and settled in Sackville, Westmorland County. Married to Mary Cogswell d/o Oliver Cogswell of Cornwallis and had seven children.

The following three children were alive in 1900:
1) Francis Allison
2) James Frederick Allison b. 20 Oct 1850 at Sackville, m. 8 Sep 1881 Louise M. Robinson d/o Major W. Beverley Robinson of Saint John. They had three children.
3) Caissie Allison m. Alfred T. Parsons of Brooklyn, NY.

PANB:MC80/338 I. Allen Jack’s Biographical Review, pages 450-453.

William Allison Sr. born about 1768 in Limavady, County Londonderry, Ireland died after 1851. He married Eliza Smyth, born c1778, died before 1851. They came from Evish Hill, County Londonderry to NB in 1825 and settled at Boom Road in North Esk Parish, Northumberland County.

1) William Allison b. Aug 1801, d. 19 Aug 1869, married 20 Jul 1831 Mary or Susannah Kingston b. 15 Mar 1813 in County Cork, Ireland, d. 24 Feb 1891, d/o Paul F. Kingston and Lydia Byrd: had nine children
2) David Allison born c1805, d. after 1882, m. 16 Jul 1828 Mary or Margaret Hare b. c1812 Ireland, d. 1871: had ten children
3) Mary Allison b. c1809, died 18 Dec 1884, m. 2 Apr 1835 William McLean born c1810, d. 14 Apr 1870: had three children
4) Hugh Allison b. c1816, d. after 1888, m. (1st) 31 Mar 1846 Mary McQuinn born c1824, d. 14 Jul 1862: had one child: m. (2nd) 12 Apr 1864 Mary C. Hare b. c1827, d. after 1891, d/o George Hare and Jane Stoops: had three children
5) Jane Allison b. 20 Dec 1817, d. 14 Apr 1908, married 24 Apr 1866 William Matchett b. c1825, died 25 Jan 1898 s/o William Matchett
6) Samuel Allison born c1820, d. 19 Aug 1876, m. 19 Feb 1846 Ann Stewart b. 3 Dec 1821, d. 3 Feb 1893 d/o John Stewart and Elizabeth McLeod: had two children and settled in Linneus, ME.

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also see the Northumberland County census records
see also PANB:MC80/2689 Miramichi Branch of the NBGS, Some first families of the Miramichi, 6 pages.

William Allison b. Aug 1801 Evish Hills, Londonderry, Ireland, d. 19 Aug 1869. He was the son of John Allison and Eliza Smyth. He was married 20 Jul 1831 to Susannah Kingston, born 15 Mar 1813 at Bantry Bay, County Cork, Ireland, died 24 Feb 1891. She was the daughter of Paul F. Kingston and Lydia Byrd. The family settled in Wayerton, Northesk Parish, Northumberland County.

1) John Allison b. 2 Oct 1832, d. May 1851
2) Lydia Allison b. 14 Dec 1834, d. 13 Oct 1920, married 16 Jul 1857 Edward Whitney s/o Samuel Whitney
3) James Allison born 16 Sep 1836, d. 27 Nov 1925, m. (1st) 24 Jul 1859 Elizabeth Rolf d/o John Rolfe: m. (2nd) 22 May 1877 Harriet Shaddick d/o John Shaddick: (3rd) 12 Apr 1883 Susan Hosford d/o Jonathan Hosford:
4) Sarah Jane Allison b. 12 Jul 1838, d. 12 Jul 1841
5) David Allison b. 18 Nov 1840, d. Jan 1891, m. 26 Dec 1863 Mary Mullin d/o Charles Mullin: may have m. Margaret Jane Miller
6) William Allison born in 1842, died on 1 May 1845
7) Susannah Allison b. 28 May 1845, d. Feb 1932, married 26 Dec 1863 James Lyon Urquhart s/o John Urquhart
8) William Allison born 13 Sep 1847, died 1914, m. 1879 Jessie Whitney
9) Sarah Anne Allison born 20 Apr 1851, d. 2 Jan 1886, married 1870 Thomas Sherrard s/o Samuel Sherrard
10) John Ritchie Allison b. 11 Jul 1854, died 4 Jun 1949, married 16 Jul 1878 Jane Robinson b. 16 Jul 1858 d/o James Robinson

PANB:MC1/MacRae, 1 page.
see PANB:MC80/2689 Miramichi Branch of the NBGS, Some first families of the Miramichi, 1 page
Note: several dates differ in these two sources.