Andrew Anderson, born 1821 in Ireland, died 1902. He came to NB and settled at McKees Mills, Wellington Parish, Kent County. He married Sarah A. MacCullum born 1826, or Eleanor Elizabeth – b. 1818 in Nova Scotia.

1) Jane Catherine Anderson born in 1851
2) Margaret Eliza Anderson b. 1855, d. 1925, m. George William Biggs b. 1850 at McKees Mills, d. 1939, s/o Ananiah Biggs and Elizabeth Jane Miller: settled at Buctouche in Kent County and had children.

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also see the Kent County census records.

George Anderson b. 1791 in County Monaghan, Ireland. He came to NB in 1830 and settled in Fredericton, York County.
1st marriage to Sarah – born 1805, d. 7 Feb 1851

children mentioned were:
1) George Anderson Jr. born 1822, died 4 Sep 1822
2) Thomas Anderson born 1827, d. 6 Jan 1829
3) Jane Anderson d. 21 Feb 1833
4) Charlotte Anderson b. c1830, d. 6 Jan 1833
5) Maria Anderson born about 1833, d. 23 Feb 1835 6) Robert Anderson b. c1834
7) Rachel Anderson born c1835
8) Frances Amelia Anderson died at age 9 years, 10 months
9) William Edward Anderson b. 1840, died 14 Aug 1842
10) Mary Jane Anderson b. c1843, d. 17 Aug 1857

2nd marriage to Jane – b. c1801 in Scotland

PANB:MC80/132 Lillian M.B. Maxwell’s The old grave-yard, pages 99-100.

Hugh Anderson, born c1814 in Ireland, died 17 Aug 1854, married, in Ireland, Margaret – , born c1814, died about 17 Aug 1854. They came to NB in 1848 and settled in Saint John.

children were:
1) Hugh Anderson born in Ireland
2) John Anderson
3) Esther Anderson
4) Jane Anderson m. James Elsdon: settled in Saint John and had children
5) Maria Anderson married Mr. Finch
6) Rosanna Anderson married Mr. Rose.

PANB:MC80/2592 Graeme F. Somerville’s A library of stone pages and other records of the Wesleyan burial ground, Saint John, NB, pages 5-6.

James Anderson, born 1761 in CT or Horton, NS, died before 21 Jun 1822, was the son of James Anderson and Rebecca Dixon. He came to NB and settled in Hopewell Parish, Albert County. He married, c1786 at Shepody, Hopewell Parish, Hannah Bishop, born 18 Aug 1768 at Horton, NS, died 10 Apr 1856, the daughter of Peter Bishop and Phebe Hamilton.

children were:
1) Child Anderson possibly b. c1787, d. before 1803
2) Charles Anderson b. 1789, died 18 May 1874, m. 14 Apr 1842 in Harvey Parish, Eunice Ann Bishop born c1813 in NS, d. 24 Jul 1866, d/o Samuel Bishop and Elizabeth Hutchinson: settled in Harvey Parish: had two children
3) Child Anderson possibly b. c1790, d. after 1803
4) Olive Anderson b. 1792, d. Jul 1871, m. 21 Oct 1813 at Hopewell, Asa Martin b. 20 Jul 1792 Hopewell Cape, d. May 1847, s/o James Martin and Prudence Wickwire: they settled at Salmon River, Alma Parish and had seven children
5) Robert Anderson b. 1794, d. 29 Oct 1856 at Waterside, NB, m. 11 Dec 1817 at Hopewell, Elizabeth H. Brown b. 1799, d. 21 Oct 1893: settled at Waterside, Harvey Parish and had nine children
6) Levinia Anderson b. 1796, d. after 1871, m. 23 Jan 1826 at Hopewell, David Goff or Gough Jr. born 1796 in NB, d. after 1871: settled in Harvey Parish and had eight children
7) William Anderson born 1798, d. 10 Sep 1881, m. (1st) 12 Feb 1826 at Hopewell, Nancy (Passmore) Elliott, widow of Thomas Elliott: m. (2nd) 6 Feb 1830 at Hopewell, Harriet Bishop born c1811 in NS, d. 17 Feb 1875: settled at Waterside: had six children
8) Aaron Anderson born 1800, died 26 Jun 1868 at Waterside, NB, m. 17 Mar 1836 at Hopewell, Amy Canada or Amy Martin b. c1819: no issue
9) Nancy Anderson born c1802 or 1804, d. 6 Jan 1888, m. 4 Nov 1824 at Hopewell, Benjamin Bennett b. 1800 in NB, d. 8 Jun 1872: settled at Salmon River, Alma Parish and had eight children
10) Eunice Anderson born c1803 or c1808, m. 1824 at Hopewell, John Hopper: no issue
11) John Anderson born 1804, d. 29 Jun 1890, m. (1st) c1836 at Hopewell, Mary Ann Ferguson b. c1814 in Ireland, d. 27 Jan 1870: had four children: m. (2nd) on 13 Aug 1870 at Hopewell, Mrs. Sarah (Boyd) Wood, probably the widow of James Wood: they settled in Hopewell Parish
12) Oliver Anderson b. 1805, d. 14 Nov 1877, married (1st) c1841 probably at Hopewell, Elizabeth Akerley born c1802, d. before 1868, d/o Amy Akerley: had two children: m. (2nd) 1868, probably in Harvey Parish, Mary Irving born c1826 in NB: they settled at Waterside
13) Rebecca Anderson born 1807, m. c1838 probably in Hopewell, Dennis Gallagher b. c1807 in Ireland: settled in Harvey Parish and had six children
14) Nelson Anderson born 1812, d. 24 Nov 1887, m. (1st) c1839 probably at Hopewell, NB, Jane Ferguson b. c1817 in Ireland, d. 28 Apr 1897: had three children: m. (2nd) Catherine Hopper: settled at Waterside.

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James Anderson born c1795 in Ireland, married, c1820 in Ireland, Ann – born c1801 in Ireland. They came to NB in 1831 and settled at Andersonville in Saint James Parish, Charlotte County.

children were:
1) Andrew Anderson b. 10 Jan 1831 in Ireland, d. 22 Jan 1907, Honeydale, NB
2) Jane Ann Anderson b. c1832 in NB
3) James Anderson b. 22 Dec 1838 in NB
4) Anne Anderson b. 1839
5) Isabella Anderson b. 1844, d. 24 Apr 1926 at Milltown, NB.

PANB:MC80/2131 Alvin S. Gibson et. al. The Gibsons of New Brunswick, Canada, page 72: James Anderson came to NB with his brother Kear Anderson and his family and settled beside each other.

Josiah Anderson, born c1796 in the USA, died 29 Nov 1884, came to NB before 1818. He married, 19 Nov 1818 in Saint Patrick Parish, Charlotte County, Susan F. Turner, born c1796, died 20 Mar 1879, the daughter of James Cowan Turner and Rachel Sylvester. They first settled at Bocabec, Charlotte County, then at Wards Creek, Sussex Parish, Kings County.

1) John Anderson born c1822 at Bocabec, died 6 Feb 1866, m. c1844 Olivia Miller b. c1822 in Ireland, died 17 Sep 1885: they settled at Sussex Corner and had nine children
2) Isabel Anderson born c1824 at Bocabec, died Jul 1897, m. c1844 Thomas Barden born 9 Apr 1818 Wards Creek, died Nov 1903, s/o Thomas Barden and Isabella Perkins: settled at Markhamville, Sussex Parish: had ten children
3) Elizabeth Geneva Anderson b. c1824 at Bocabec, died 14 Oct 1897, m. 12 Sep 1863 at Sussex, as his (2nd) wife, Robert Doyle b. 1805 in NB, d. 5 Jun 1890, s/o Hugh Doyle: settled at Wards Creek and had one child
4) Phoebe Anderson b. 29 Apr 1825 at Bocabec, d. Sep 1908, m. 8 Jul 1848 at Carleton, Saint John, George T. Gay born 1823, d. 1897, probably s/o George and Mary Gay of Norton, NB: settled at Rockville, NB: had seven children
5) Thomas F. Anderson born 22 Apr 1826 at Bocabec, d. 10 Jan 1908, m. (1st) 14 Jan 1847 at Sussex, NB, Catherine Miller born 1826 in Ireland, d. Sep 1865: had at least ten children: m. (2nd) 12 Sep 1865 Mary Carter born 6 Nov 1845 in Sussex, died 15 Mar 1907, d/o Joseph Peter Carter and Grace Lean Bickford: had children: they first settled in Sussex Parish then went to Worcester, MA
6) Josiah Anderson born 18 Oct 1828 at Bocabec, d. May 1916, m. (1st) 8 Jun 1852 at St. Andrews, NB, Sarah Jane Turner b. c1831, d. 21 Feb 1860: settled in Carleton, Saint John and had three children: m. (2nd) c1863 Martha McCarty born Dec 1826 in Kings County, d. 26 Jan 1915, d/o John McCarty and Maria Friars of Sussex: settled at Wards Creek and had four children
7) William Guy Anderson b. 7 May 1829 at Bocabec, m. (1st) 17 Oct 1850 at Saint John, Mary Ann Boggs b. – , d. before 1861: m. (2nd) c1868 Isabel Boggs b. 27 Dec 1835
8) Harriet Anderson b. c1832 at Bocabec, d. before 1908, m. 10 Jul 1854 at Carleton, Saint John, Robert Smith b. 1831 in Germany: had nine children
9) Nancy Anderson b. c1833 in Sussex, d. after 1916, m. 30 Sep 1852 in Saint John, David J. Pratt b. c1827 in Saint George Parish, Charlotte County: settled in Saint John, then in Minnesota: had four children
10) James S. Anderson b. Jan 1839 in Sussex, m. 22 Sep 1864 Susan Moody b. Feb 1843, d. after 1900, d/o John and Sarah Moody: had five children
11) Richard Turner Anderson born 4 Aug 1840, d. 28 Dec 1913, m. (1st) c1865 Mary DeCourcy b. c1845 Wards Creek, d. 7 Jun 1886, d/o Edward DeCourcy and Margaret Reardon: settled at Jeffries Corner: had ten children: m. (2nd) Oct 1903 Melvina Price born 31 Jan 1868 at Havelock, NB, d. Feb 1940, d/o Mordecai Price and Charlotte Ryder: had four children
12) Fred Anderson b. – , may have m. 28 May 1878 Isabella Burus
13) Rachel Anderson b. c1843, d. after 1891, m. c1866 John Boggs b. 1838, d. Mar 1895 in San Francisco, CA: settled in Lancaster, NB and had four children
14) Mary Jane Anderson (adopted) born 1 Jan 1846 at Sussex, died Nov 1915, married 7 Jul 1880 in Sussex, as (2nd) wife, William John Eveleigh b. 14 Feb 1838, died 27 Feb 1908: settled in Studholm Parish: had three children.

PANB:MC80/1503 Mary Lou Winroth’s Josiah Anderson of Sussex, New Brunswick

Robert Doyle married (1st) Catherine Sheck and had seven children: the widow Melvina (Price) Anderson married (2nd) Matthew Tait
see also PANB:MC80/1397 Daniel F. Johnson’s New Brunswick lineages, pages 89-90
see also the Kings County census records.

Kear Anderson, born 1784 in Ireland, married, c1806 in Ireland, Elizabeth – born 1785 in Ireland. They came to NB in 1831 and settled at Andersonville in Saint James Parish, Charlotte County.
children born in Ireland:

1) James Anderson born c1808, died before 1901 in Andersonville
2) Thomas Anderson born c1810
3) John Anderson born 1820, d. 28 Oct 1869 at Baillie, NB, married c1842 in Saint James Parish, Mary J. – b. 1825 in Ireland: settled in Saint James Parish and had thirteen children
4) Andrew Anderson b. 1825
5) Nancy Anderson b. 1830.

PANB:MC80/2131 Alvin S. Gibson et. al. The Gibsons of New Brunswick, Canada, pages 72-73: Kear arrived in NB with his brother James Anderson and his family and settled beside each other.

William Anderson, born in 1795 in Ireland, came to NB and settled in Saint Marys Parish, York County. He married, on 18 Feb 1824, Charlotte Humphries, the daughter of Dr. Nicholas Humphries and Elizabeth Marks.

children mentioned:
1) George Anderson born 1829
2) Elizabeth Anderson born 1831
3) Matilda Anderson b. 1833
4) Joseph Anderson born 1836
5) Enoch Anderson born 1839
6) John Anderson born 1841
7) Jeremiah Anderson b. 1845
8) Charles Anderson b. 1847.

PANB:MC80/1728 Marilyn Evans’ Saint Marys’ families.

William Anderson, born 1796 in Ireland, married Elizabeth – b. 1806 in Ireland. They came to NB in 1828 and settled in or near Woodstock in Carleton County.

children were:
1) Mary Anderson born 1828 in Ireland
2) Robert Anderson b. 1830 in NB
3) Eliza Anderson born 1832
4) George Anderson born 1833, m. 29 Mar 1860 Mary Gibson
5) William Anderson born 1837
6) Rebecca Anderson b. 1839 in NB, m. 8 Oct 1863 at Woodstock, NB, Thomas Craig Gibson born c1831, d. 25 Aug 1889 Lakeville, NB, s/o Thomas Gibson and Mary McCormack of Simonds Parish in Carleton County: they had children
7) John Anderson born 1841
8) Joseph Anderson b. 1843
9) Margaret Anderson born 1845.

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see also PANB:MC80/1467 Carrie C. Gibson’s Bailey-Banks-Gibson-Gilmore Connections.