Annual Cultural Events

Upper St. John River Valley


The Upper St. John River Valley spans a large area, encompassing Carleton, Victoria and Madawaska counties. While pockets of Irish can be found in all three counties, the further up the west coast of the province one goes, into Victoria and Madawaska counties, the lesser the Irish influence.

In Carleton County however, the small community of Johnville, one of the earliest planned Irish Communities in the province, has celebrated their Irish roots annually for well over 100 years.

The annual Johnville Picnic attracts visitors from distances far and near. Many use it as an annual “homecoming” to come back to visit with friends and family left behind while others take advantage of the weekend to visit the genealogical and historic exhibitions to learn more about relatives they never knew but were told came from this tiny little jewel of a community.

As with any Irish celebration, food, drink and camaraderie are the order of the day.

If anyone knows of other annual Irish-related events in Carelton, Victoria or Madawaska counties that should be included here, we would welcome their addition to this site.

For more information on the Annual Johnville Picnic please click on the link below:

Johnville Picnic