Joseph Beek, born 1776 in Bandon, County Cork, Ireland, died 1858 in Fredericton NB. He married twice. His first wife was Mary Sullivan – born 1778 in Ireland, died 1815 in Bandon, County Cork, Ireland. They were married in Ireland. His second wife was Ellen Nixon, born 1781-1839), married in 1822 in Ireland.

Children – first marriage
1) William Beek, b. 1796 in Bandon, County Cork, Ireland (not confirmed)
2) Eliza Ann Beek, (1798-1868), m John Maitland (1801-1891) in 1821. This family lived in Montegue, Twonship, Ontario, Claredon, Pontiac County, Québec and London, Ontario. The Maitland descendants who moved to British Columbia became lawyers and politicians.
3) John Richard Beek, (1799-1831), m Mary L ? of Fredericton NB. Lived in Toronto Ontario, where he died suddenly. Some of his descendants moved to Minnesota and became doctors and engineers.
4) Joseph Beek, (1800-1882), m Ann Leslie, (1814-1891) Lived in Upper Miramichi, NB.
5) Catherine Beek, (b1802), m John Hea (1780-1848) in 1820 in Bandon, County Cork Ireland. Lived in Horton, NS.
6) Jane Beek, (1805-1828) Fredericton NB.
7) Francis Beek, (1808-1887), m Margaret J Pugh in 1828. Lived in Charlotte County, NB
8) Richard H Beek, (1810-1891) m Eliza Williams (b.1810) in 1833 of Fredericton NB. Lived in Lockport, NY (possibly had a second wife named Cynthia)
9) Mary Beek, (1812-1850) married Bryce Jewett (b.1805) in 1831 of Fredericton NB. Lived in Waldo, Maine.
10) James Scott Beek, (1814-1907), married 3 times in Fredericton NB. Wives were: 1) Margaret Barker (1818-1846) married in 1835. 2) Elizabeth Garrison (1824-1870 married in 1847, and 3) Emma Raymond Partelow (1828-1897), married in 1871. Lived in Fredericton NB. James Beek was the fourth mayor of Fredericton and Auditor-General of New Brunswick from 1867-1906.
11) Henry S Beek, (1815-1884), m Olivia Smith (1819-1889) married 1840, of Fredericton and Saint John NB. His grandson, Joseph Allen Beck, became Secretary to the California Senate.

Source: Beek Family Genealogy by Gloria Beek – [email protected]