James William Cody
born 1801 in Meglass Parish in County Wexford, Ireland. he came to NB in 1819 and settled first on Grand Lake, then in 1834 on Washademoak, Johnston Parish, Queens County. He married Deborah White.

1) James Cody married Deborah Wiggins
2) Hiram Cody unmarried: settled on Salmon Creek
3) George Cody married Loretta Doney: settled on Salmon Creek
4) Charles Cody m. Barbara Armstrong
5) Asa Cody unmarried
6) Stanley Cody m Phoebe Lemmon
7) Charlotte Cody m. Thomas Starkey
8) Samuel Cody, unmarried
9) Helen Cody m. Thomas Perry
10) Adelaide Cody m. David Moore
11) Peter Cody unmarried.

PANB:MC80/364 E. Stone Wiggins, History of Queens County, 1876, page 19.