Cochrane, Donald Theodore
1906 –

York County

Born, October 3rd, 1906, at Marysville, York Co., N.B.. Of Scottish-Irish ancestry. Son of Norman Clinton Cochrane, Scottish, and his wife, Ethel Minverva Moore, Irish.

Educated at the Marysville Public School.

Located at Marysville, York County, N.B. and engaged in business. Was President of the United Textile Workers of Canada, Local No. 16, from 1941 – 1944.

Married, August 6th, 1924, to Miss Hazel D. Saunders, daughter of Joshua Saunders, Esq., Marysville, N.B. By this marriage there was a family of three sons.

First elected to the House of Assembly, as one of the members for York Co., at the G.E. of August 28th, 1944, and sat that Legislature. Re-elected at the G.E. of June 28th, 1948, and sat as a member until the dissolution of that Legislature in 1952. At the G.E. of September 22nd, 1952, he was defeated and subsequently retired from local politics.

He was later appointed Head of the Industrial Relations Branch, Province of Nova Scotia, for the Federal Department of Labour, which position he now holds.**

Address: 25 Oak St., Halifax, Nova Scotia.**

In Politics:
 a Liberal.
In Religion: Reformed Baptist.



1. Son: Harry H. D.
Marysville, N.B. Mar. Ruth Stafford
2. ” : Ernest Clinton Newcastle Creek, N.B. Mar. Eunice Estey
3. ” : Theodore Saunders Hardwood Ridge, N.B. Mar. Jean Jardine

** These biographies were completed in the 1960s. Any reference to an occupation, address, or person as being current refers to the point at which the biography was produced, not today’s date.

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