Alward, Silas
(1841 – 1919)
Saint John City

Born, April 14th, 1841, at New Canaan, Queens County, N.B. of Colonial Irish and Loyalist ancestry. Son of John Alward (B.1810 – D.1878), and his wife, Mary Ann corey (B.1815 – D.1872), both of Loyalist ancestry.

Educated at the New Canaan Public School; at Acadia University, Wolfville, N.S., graduating with Degrees of B.A. (1860), and M.A. (1863); at Brown Univ., Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A., receiving Degree of M.A. in 1871.

Studied law in the offive of the Hon. Charles N. Skinner (q.v.), Saint John, N.B., and was admitted to the Bar of N.B., as Attorney in 1865, and as a Barrister in 1866.

Located at Saint John, N.B. and engaged in the practice of his profession. Attained a wide=spread reputation. Was Pres. of the Saint John Law Society. Created a K.C. in 1891. Was Dean of the Law Faculty, Kings College, Halifax, N.S.

Took an active interest in civic affairs. Was Mayor of the City of Saint John, 1866-1869. Was a member of the Saint John School Board. Was a member of the Board of Governors of Acadia Univ., Wolfville, N.S.
Received the Honorary Degree of D.C.L. from Acadia in 1882.

Married: (1st), October 12th, 1869, to Miss Emily Wickshire, daughter of Peter Wickshire, Esq., Canning, Nova Scotia. By this marriage there was no issue. She died in 1879.

Married: (2nd), May __, 1888, to Miss Edith Sarah Turnbull, daughter of William Wallace Turnbull, Saint John, N.B., a prominent Merchant an d Philantropist. By this marriage there was a family of three sons.

First elected to the House of Assembly of N.B., as one of the members for Saint John City, at the Bye-Election held May 8th, 1887, to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of the sitting member, John V. Ellis (q.v.). Re-elected at the G.E.’s of 1892, and 1895, and sat as member until the dissolution of the Legislature in 1899. At trhe G.E. of February 16th, 1899, he was defeated, and subsequently retired into private life.

He died, June 12th, 1919, at his residence, Saint John, N.B., aged seventy-eight years. Buried in Fernhill Cemetery, Saint John,N.B. Survived by his widow, and three sons.

Mrs. Alward died August 25th, 1944, and was buried in Fernhill Cemetery.

In Politics:
 a Conservative.
In Religion: a Roman Catholic.

1: Son: Ernest Turnbull
(B. April 4, 1889) B. Sc. McGill, 1911. Retired, Paris, France. Family of one sone, one dau.
2: -“- William Wallace
(B. August 23, 1892 – D. July 18, 1963) — Architect, Saint John, N.B. Family of two sons, one dau. (Deceased)
3: -“- Cedric Harold (MD)
(B. July 12, 1898) M.D.C.M. (McGill, 1924) — OBS. & GYN., Los Angeles, Cal. Family of one son — Dennis — Librarian & Histor., Los Angeles, Cal.

NOTE: William Wallace Turnbull (B. May 23, 1828), at Bear River, N.S. D. June 26, 1899. Donated $100,000 to the maintenance of the Home for the Incurables, Saint John, N.B.
Abstracts of Wills, VOL.I. New Jersey Records

Oct. 2nd, 1743, Will of John Alward, of Woodbridge, New Jersey, yeoman. Appoints Anne, wife, Administrator. Names children, John, Mary, Euphemy and Rachel, all under age, mentions debts due from Benjamin Alward and Samuel Ford.

April 15, 1745, wife, Anne, having died, Benjamin Alward, brother, and Samuel Ford, brother-in-law, were granted letters of Administration.

Family of Benjamin Alward (D. 1787), and his wife Sarah
1. Son: Asher
Loyalist. Settled in N.B. Allowed compensation for losses.
2. -“-: Joseph
(D. 1802). Unmarried. Drew lots No. 343, and 1408 in St. John.
3. -“-: Silas
Came to N.B. Drew lot 573 in St. John.
4. -“-: Benjamin
Came to N.B., finally settled in New Canaan. Married HANNAH WRIGHT.
5. Dau: Anne
Came to N.B. Mar. a Marchant.

Family of Benjamin Alward (Jr.) and his wife, HANNAH WRIGHT. (New Canaan).
1. Son: Charles
(1786 – 1844). — Mar. Elizabeth Keith.
2. Dau: Elizabeth
Mar. Nehemiah Clarke.
3. Son: Archer
(1793 – 1866) —– Mar. Rachel McDonald.
4. Dau: Sarah
(1794 – 1868) —— Mar. John Keith.
5. -“-: Mary
(1796 – 1884) ——- Mar. Robert Keith.
6. Son: Jesse
Mar. Jane Price
7. -“-: Samuel
Mar. Elvina Lewis
8. -“-: William
Mar. Elizabeth Parker.
9. Dau: Lucy
Mar. William Clark
10. Son: Benjamin
(1802 – 1882) — Mar. Jane Alward
11. -“-: John
(1810 – 1878) ——Mar. Mary A. Corey (1815 – 1872).
1. Son: SILAS ALWARD (q.v.)(1841 – 1919). M.L.A. St. John City, 1807 – 1899.

Maternal grand-father, Daniel Keith, was also a Loyalist. Served during the War with the “Queen’s Rangers”, and also settled in New Canaan. Mar. Elizabeth Disbrow.

MC1156 – Graves Papers