Irish-New Brunswick Facts & Trivia

Northumberland County


1846: Patrick Carroll, & James and Patrick Desmond were master ship-builders for many of the ships built in the shipyards.The first Irish Born to receive political prominence on the Miramichi was Martin Cranny of Chatham, who in 1846, was elected to the House of Assembly.

Others who followed included Thomas Gillespie, a native of Mallow, County Cork, who was President of the Executive Council in the Conservative administration of Andrew Blair (late 1800s).

Thomas Barry (right), was born in Pokemouche, Gloucester County, in 1841. He was the second Bishop of Chatham, appointed in 1902.

Bishop Thomas Barry

Bishop Thomas Barry

St. Michael's Basilica

St. Michael’s Basilica

Rev. John Sweeny, in 1847, Pastor of St. Michael’s Parish in Chatham, built a small rectory and its future functions read like the official history of the town: Episcopal residence, first Hotel Dieu Hospital, the starting point of St. Thomas College, St. Joseph’s Preparatory School for boys and the convent of the Religious Hospitalliers of St. Joseph.

Born in Chatham of Irish parentage, Patrick James Riordon became an early Bishop of San Francisco and his cousin, also Chatham born, D. Dunne became the Bishop of Chicago.


Patrick Hennessey, who came with the Famine Irish in 1853, established a grocery business which grew into a large wholesale & retail trade.

John Daniel Creaghan, from County Cork, who arrived in 1875, founded the company that bore his name.

John Morrissey, also a native of Ireland, was a merchant and political figure who was elected to the Legislative Assembly in 1903 and 1908 and served as Minister of Public Works. At one time he was also President of the Board of Trade.