MF – 1866.04.14 – Fenians at Eastport – Bangor – #137 – F12251


NEW YORK, April 12
A special despatch to the Herald from Eastport, says two large English Ships are here with steam up and portholes open, and everything ready.
The Americans are wild and consider it a challenge.
The Fenians have hired the Town Hall for three nights to holding meetings.
Another large British steamer is off Campobello with a large force of men ashore at work.
A large steamer with the American, flag and a private signal, has just gone up the river to St. Andrews.
A special despatch from Washington states that the President will soon issue a neutrality proclamation.
The U. S. Marshals have been ordered to prevent any invasion.

Gold 127 5 –8.

CALAIS, April 12.

Fifteen Fenians arrived in Calais by air-line from Bangor this morning.
More expected.
They left again in teams for Eastport.
Popular feeling is against them, and Calais Authorities are exercising every vigilance.
Excitement somewhat abated to-day.

BOSTON, April 12th.
N. Y., P. M. – The Herald’s Eastport, Me., despatch, of the 11th inst., says another English war ship, making three altogether, and a Revenue Cutter, have arrived during the last twelve hours.

Several hundred Fenians have quartered themselves at Calais and other places. There has been a mysterious [dissapearance] of several cannot brought there by unknown parties. Cartridges are been manufactured here.
There is tremendous excitement in St. Andrews, and Volunteers are deserting, while numerous [mysterous] disappearances of numbers of Irishmen in frontier towns are rumoured; – they are supposed to have joined the Fenians. Whole families are flying from the border.