MF – 1866.04.17 – Fenians at Eastport – #138 – F12251


EASTPORT, ME., 13th. – A large number of Fenians arrived in the Steamer New York. – Killian has returned with 30 or 40 men. They are perfectly quiet and are without arms. No disturbance.

TORONTO, C. W., 13th. – Another important Fenian arrest was made this morning. The excitement has somewhat abated.

BELFAST, ME., 13th. – Reports stated that Castine is designated as a Fenian rendezvous; and that 300 men are to concentrate there.

Castine is peculiarly accessible to the British Provinces.

WASHINGTON, 14th. – The War Department have sent to Eastport the steamer Winooski, the ironclad Mainbonomah, and the gunboat Ashuelot, as part of the fleet to be sent to the Gulf of St. Lawrence for the protection of our fishermen.

The Secretary of State believes that there are no apprehensions at present of any collision; and the attention of the President, and also of the British Government, has been called to the question whether negotiations could not be advantageously employed in adjusting the differences existing; but the measures taken in this regard are not sufficiently matured to render it expedient.

The Herald’s Eastport, Me., despatch of the 13th says, that the British man-of-war Pylades went to sea suddenly yesterday afternoon. It is said that 50 of her crew [mutined] and were put in irons, hence the departure of the vessel. The men of other vessels have been tampered with and similar difficulties are expected. Yesterday a party of English soldiers crossed from St. Stephens to Calais, where they got into a dispute with some Fenians, and a fight ensued which resulted in the English soldiers being thrown back over the bridge between the two towns. No lives lost.

A steamer from Boston this morning brought about 200 more Fenians. They were quartered in the town.

A Washington despatch says tat the Government has no fears that the Fenians will break the law. This movement is regarded as a demonstration, the object of which is to terrify the Canadians, vex the British Government and console the Irish, who have paid out their money so freely. IF the law is infringed the Government will instantly interfere.

Gold 126.

EASTPORT, April 15.

About 9 o’clock last night (Saturday) a steamer of strange appearance passed by here from the Eastern passage. She came up slowly until about opposite the town, and then run up a green and red light, in place of the white one which she carried. This done, she passed on towards Lubec, anchoring opposite Friar’s Head, Campobello. She stopped there about an hour and a half, and then proceeded seaward past Lubec. – She passed the town at the rate of 15 or 20 knots.

A squad of men landed on Indian Island, N. B., about 12 p.m. They proceeded to the dwelling of Collector Dixon, and, with arms presented, demanded the British Flag. Resistance under the circumstances being vain, the flag was given up

Dixon is here to report to the British Consul.