MF – 1866.05.10 – Fenians – By Telegraph – #147 – F12251

NEW YORK, May 8.
O’Mahoney has issued a circular stating that he was erroneously informed that the Island of Campobello was neutral ground; that he intended establishing a Fenian camp there; that thence would be sent privateers; that the failure was owing to the undue publicity of the action to the United States and British Governments; that he made a mistake in consenting to the movement, and hereafter will steadily do his duty as a Fenian.
From here the content refers to nothing relevant.
Probst has confessed to his priest that he alone murdered the Deering family at Philadelphia.
A powder Mill at Enfield, Conn., exploded yesterday, blowing to atoms four of the work men.
The Health officer’s report shows three new cases, and three deaths from Cholera, since the last return. Sixty-five convalescent patients have been transferred from the Hospital Ship to the ship Saratoga, leaving only forty-seven in the Hospital. The total number of deaths by cholera is 50.
The initiation of the trial of Jefferson Davis is positively going on in Virginia, by authority of the Government, and his early trial in a civil court is a fixed fact.
Freedmen’s affairs in Virginia are reported to be in a most favorable condition. The schools are generally well attended, and the prejudice against the Freedmen is diminishing. – Their sanitary condition is much improved, and Hospitals are abolished. The demand for labour exceeds the supply. Wages for males average #12 per month – including food, quarters, and medical attendance.