MF – 1866.03.13 – Fenians Scare – Police Court – #134 – F12251


John Earle, 30, was arrested for firing a pistol out of the window of Mr. Philips’ store in Nelson-street, on Sunday night between 10 and 11 o’clock. On being called for an explanation of his conduct, he stated that last night as he was about retiring to bed, he recollected that he had forgotten a letter in the store, and as it was one of importance which required to be mailed this morning, he thought it better to attend to it at once. Before starting for the store “the folks in the house” began to joke about the Fenians, saying he might be attacked on the way, but he took the jokes as they were intended and proceeded on his way. He had been only a short time in the store, however, when he heard a noise at the door, and thinking it was his brother who had followed him with the intention of frightening him and testing his courage, he in turn determined on frightening the brother, and accordingly picked up a revolver that lay behind the counter and fired a shot through the window. Instead of his brother, however, it happened to be two policemen who were at the door. They had been informed by some person that a man had gone into Mr. Philips’ store, and of course went to the place. They tried the door, and almost immediately the shot was fired. They again rapped at the door, and said they were policemen, but received no answer, and after waiting for some time one of them was about starting for more assistance, when the prisoner opened the door and came out. He was of course arrested and brought to the Station House. A fine of $10 was imposed on him this morning.