NBC – 1840.04.11 – Orange Procession – #121 – F12217

To the Magistrates of the City of Saint John :

GENTLEMEN:, – I take this early opportunity of drawing your attention to a Procession which took place in our public streets, on Wednesday last, of men wearing Orange Badges, and as we may reasonably suppose comprising an Orange Lodge: that such Processions are not only likely to cause [dissensions] and ill feeling among persons of different persuasions, and rouse up in this community the demon of party spirit, (which has been the bane and cures of Ireland,) but also that they are in direct violation of the Laws of England and the British Constitution, I need not remind you; and I feel confident it merely requires to have the matter brought under your consideration to have a most effectual stop put to such dangerous and illegal proceedings, I therefore most solemnly beseech you by your respect for the peace of this community, by the majesty of the laws which you are appointed to enforce, by every claim which this young and thriving city has upon your protection, to raise you voices immediately against the evil, and use your powerful influence to crush the Hydra head of faction in whatever shape it may appear to threaten us. I remain, Gentlemen, your’s respectfully,