NBC – 1849.07.28 – Orange Riots – Criminal Charges – #235 – F12220Since our last publication, the examining Magistrates have committed and bound over a further number of persons, who are said to be implicated in the late riots. Joshua Corkery and Jeremiah McCarthy, have given bail to appear for trial, for a riot. Driscoll, Donovan, and Carney, committed for feloniously assaulting Foster, and James Gallagher for shooting at the procession, have been admitted to Bail by order of the Chief Justice. Joseph Coram, of Carleton, and George Anderson, of Fredericton, holding high offices in the Orange Institution, and who headed the procession on the day of the disturbances, stand committed for trial, for abetting the death of Patrick Allen, and they will probably be bailed out to-day. A number of the leading Orangemen are under arrest, and undergoing examination. The Coroner’s Jury, on the body of Richard Foster, returned a verdict of Wilful Murder against Peter Sullivan, who has not been apprehended, and who, with several others of whom the Police are in search, are supposed to have absconded. The trials of all these parties will come on at the Court of Oyer and Terminer, to be opened on the 7th of August next.