NBC – 1842.07.16 – Orangemen – Riot – #155 – F12218
RIOTING. – Our City and the Parish of Portland, we regret to state, were the scenes of tumultuous and riotous proceedings on Tuesday last, occasion as we are informed, by the display of what was considered party badges on that day, being the anniversary of the battle of the Boyne; but as the provocation was not contrary to any law or order and was only made use of by two or three imprudent persons, it by no means justified the mob-like and highly reprehensible conduct which was resorted to, in attacking and beating, without mercy, individuals who might be obnoxious to some of the ruffians who set law and order at defiance on the occasion, and maltreated all who attempted to stop them in their demon like career, from His Worship the Mayor to the poorest citizen. We are glad, however, that some of the ringleaders have been secured, and committed to jail for trial ; and we trust that our authorities will be active an vigilant in apprehending and bringing to punishment every one, particularly Freemen of the City, who may have been guilty of exciting, aiding, or abetting, the disgraceful proceedings ; for it is now sufficiently evident, that unless the strong arm of the law is maintained and supported among us, we are not certain at what moment our lives and properties may be endangered by the caprice of a ruthless and blood-thirsty mob.