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25 September - 01 October, 2022
28 September
  • 08:00pm  Irish Wise Guys

    Location: Online Event


    The newly released book, The Irish Wise Guys, tells the story of America’s most notorious Irish American gangsters- the men who rose from poverty, brutally created criminal empires and made millions before more often than not dying violently. In different circumstances, these men could have been captains of industry, politicians or union leaders; instead, they chose a path of crime that turned them into some of the most wanted men in America. Join us for a talk with John Joe McGinley, author and podcast host ( out of Glassagh, County Donegal. He will discuss the evolving role of Irish Americans gangs during the nativist era through prohibition and into the world of modern organized crime and its intersection with the labor union movement. The talk will be at 7pm on Zoom and will be posted on our Youtube.

29 September
  • 10:00am - 02:00pm  Irish Room Library

    Location: Fredericton, NB


    The Irish Room library in Fredericton is open to the public Thursdays and Saturdays from 10 - 2 pm or by appointment. Everyone welcome! Lots of books and other interesting items. Entrance and parking at back. Press the door buzzer located on the brick wall to the left of the door and someone unlocks the door (it clicks). 2nd floor Gibson Memorial United Church, 183 Gibson St. Please check the web site for information on supporting the ICCANB in keeping Irish heritage alive. Only $20/yr. for single & $25 for family. We accept e-Transfers. More information on Facebook page and days library is closed. (we always close the Sat. of a long weekend)

    Click on More in Menu bar for Visitor Posts under Community & partial list of books under Menu.  Used books for sale $2.

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01 October