Fall/Winter Lecture Series

The Irish Identity:  Independence, History and Literature

From the early Celts to the 20th century, this series of lectures explores Irish literature from the standpoint of how Irish history helped forge a distinct Irish identity and how this identity and tumultuous history both informed and influenced the development and works of the great Irish writers.

Briefly covering early Celtic writings and the work of the early monasteries, the lectures then touch on the developing Irish identity as evidenced through the works of emerging writers through the centuries until arriving upon the period of prolific Irish creative writing of the 19th and 20th centuries.

While particular emphasis is placed on the works of W.B. Yeats and James Joyce, other writers whose works are examined in the context of the events happening around them include, but are not limited to, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Lady Gregory, J. M. Synge, and Seamus Heaney.

Pre-registration required by:

September 15/17 for Fall Semester,   December 15/17 for Winter Semester.

 Fall Semester: Lectures 1 – 9:  Tuesdays, 03 Oct/17 – 28 Nov/17   7-9 pm   Fee: $10 for 9 lectures

 Winter Semester: Lectures 10-18:  Tuesdays, 02 Jan/18 – 27 Feb/18   7-9 pm   Fee: $10 for 9 lectures

Video Lecturer:  Dr. Mark C. Connor, PhD, Professor of English, Washington Lee University

Local Moderator:  Richard Hull, M.A., English –  English Faculty, Fredericton High School

Fredericton Location:  To be determined – Will be based on number of registered participants.

For electronic payment, using electronic funds transfer, please email to [email protected]  OR make out your cheque to ICCANB, noting it is for the lecture series, and mail to:

c/o Marilyn Driscoll
7 Hatch Street
Oromocto, NB
E2V 2L3

For more information or to inquire about registration, contact Marilyn at 357-8283 or email the Irish Association at:  [email protected]