Michael Furlong
was born 1798 at Duros, Ireland, (There is a Duross in Co. Fermanagh). He died c1872. He came to NB about 1825 and was married c1828 to Mariam – born in NB, died 1884. The family first settled at Dorchester, then at Carpenter Settlement, then Shannon, Queens County, NB.

1) William A. Furlong b. 18 Sep 1830 at Dorchester, d. 1902: moved to Ontario
2) Henry Furlong b. 1833 at Shediac, NB, married and moved to Lower Woodstock, NB and had a family
3) Francis E. Furlong b. Shediac, m. Eleanor –
4) John Furlong b. 1840, d. 17 Mar 1892, m. Eliza – : first settled at Woodstock, NB, then moved to Maine
5) Richard Furlong b. 1841 in Shediac, NB
6) Mercy Ann Furlong b. 1844, d. 1907, m. 1869 Alexander Ellison of Henderson Settlement
7) Albert Coburg Furlong b. 1846 at Carpenter Settlement, d. 1911, m. 1867 Phoebe E. Crowell: lived in Shannon, NB
8) Mariam Furlong b. 1848.

PANB:MC1/Furlong, 10 pages: the file contains a copy of The family and descendants of Michael and Mariam Furlong: Shannon, Parish of Wickham, Queens County, NB, Canada by Dana M. Ellison, 1976.