Henry Gallagher
came from County Tyrone, Ireland to NB about 1826 and settled in Hampton Parish, Kings County. He married Alice Riley.

1) Catherine Gallagher married John McCaffrey of Saint John and had one daughter
2) Bridget Gallagher m. Edward Finnegan of Saint John: had three sons
3) Henry Gallagher
4) Thomas Gallagher
5) Margaret Gallagher m. Thomas Mullaly and died leaving one son
6) Ellen Gallagher m. John Warren
7) Michael Gallagher b. 2 Apr 1834 at Hampton, NB, m. Mary Ann Carleton, born in Ireland
8) Mary Ann Gallagher
9) Alice Gallagher m. Michael Ryan and had one son.

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John Gallagher was born 1810 in Ireland and died 1883. He married, in 1834, Annie Conway who was born in 1815 in Ireland and died in 1900. They settled at Fredericton Junction, Sunbury County.

1) James Gallagher b. 22 Dec 1835, d. 1851 of diptheria
2) Mary Ann Gallagher born 26 Feb 1837, d. 1851 of diptheria
3) John Gallagher b. 26 Jan 1839
4) William H. Gallagher b. 11 Nov 1842, d. 1851 of diptheria
5) Jane Gallagher born 14 Jun 1844
6) Elias Gallagher born 19 Apr 1845, d. 1908
7) Mary Gallagher born 5 Aug 1848
8) Annie Gallagher born 3 Dec 1850, d. 1911
9) Susan Gallagher born 31 Jan 1852
10) Luke Oragan Gallagher b. 30 Mar 1857, d. 1933, m. Maggie Hurley born 1863: settled in Fredericton Junction.

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Lawrence Gallagher
, born in County Fermanagh, Ireland, married Isabella McCann who was born in County Tyrone, Ireland. They came to NB in 1829 and settled in Saint John County. The only child mentioned was John Gallagher, born Nov 1825 County Fermanagh, He married Ann McGovern, daughter of Hugh McGovern of Queens County and had ten children. The family first settled at Petersville, Queens County, then Woodstock, Carleton County.

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