John Hickman
was born in County Derry, Ireland, and died at age 70. He was the son of John Hickman. He married Mary Campbell who was born in Scotland. They came to NB and settled near Dorchester, Westmorland County. 

They had nine children.
1) John Hickman
2) William Hickman born 12 Sep 1823: m. (1st) – , (2nd) – , (3rd) Margaret Furness: had 1 son: (4th) Harriet Cochrane of Dorchester
3) Joseph Hickman

1) Miss Hickman married William J. Weldon of Moncton
2) Miss Hickman married William Coll of Sackville
3) Miss Hickman m. Edward B. Dickson of Sackville
Two of the daughters, Mary Jane Hickman and Susan Hickman were alive in 1900.

PANB:MC80/20 W.C. Milner’s Early history of Dorchester and the surrounding area, page 12.
PANB:MC80/338 I. Allen Jack’s Biographical Review, pages 181-182 states that John Hickman Sr. was born in Holland and came to County Derry, Ireland. He and five brothers enlisted in the British Army. All of his brothers were killed at Waterloo. John Sr. settled in Derry to care for his aged parents.