Austin Hornbrook
born c1807 in Ireland, the son of Robert and Margaret Hornbrook of Bandon, County Cork, died 23 Sep 1875. He married Elizabeth – and settled on Long Island, Kingston Parish, Kings County.

1) Ann Hornbrook
2) Sarah Hornbrook
3) William Hornbrook
4) Elias Hornbrook
5) John A. Hornbrook: b. c1846 in Saint John, d. 14 Oct 1902, m. Sarah Jane Breen b. about 1857 in Saint John, d/o James and Matilda Breen, died 6 Mar 1915
6) Jane Hornbrook
7) Agnes Hornbrook.

PANB:MC1/Hornbrook #1,2, 15 pages: Austin Hornbrook: farmed on Long Island with two of his brothers.

Robert Hornbrook was born c1781 in Bandon, County Cork, Ireland, and died 18 Jul 1873. He married Margaret – , born c1786 in Ireland, died 27 Nov 1853. They went to Massachustts in 1825, then to NB in 1827 and settled on Long Island, Kingston Parish, Kings County.

The only children listed are:
1) Austin Hornbrook b. 1807, d. 23 Sep 1875, m. Elizabeth –
2) Robert Hornbrook b. c1821, d. 24 Mar 1883, m. 23 Feb 1843 Sarah Wiley born c1820 in Ireland, died 14 Oct 1899: settled on Long Island, Kingston Parish, Kings County, NB and had at least 6 children.

PANB:MC1/Hornbrook #1,2, 15 pages.

William Hornbrook
, born c 1811, married, 4 Jul 1836, Elizabeth Gabriel born c1820 in Ireland, the daughter of Thomas and Margaret Gabriel. They settled at New Bandon Parish, Gloucester County.

children mentioned:
1) John Hornbrook
2) Samuel Hornbrook
3) Elizabeth Hornbrook
4) Rebecca Hornbrook
5) Mary Ann Hornbrook
6) Richard Hornbrook
7) Lucy Jane Hornbrook
8) George Hornbrook
9) William James Hornbrook
10) Margaret Hornbrook.

PANB:MC80/40 Margaret Hunter’s Pioneer settlers of the Bay of Chaleur, page 17: Elizabeth Gabriel had come to NB from Ireland with her parents.