David Kincade
, born 1799 in County Derry, Ireland, died 9 Apr 1886. He came to NB in 1829. He married Elizabeth Gardiner, or Garner, born c1814 in Ireland. The family settled at Cody’s, Johnston Parish, Queens County, NB.

children in estimated order:
1) William Kincade
2) James Kincade married Elizabeth Hughes
3) Daniel Kincade m. 21 Jul 1876 Elizabeth Thorne
4) David Kincade born c1853, married Janet Harvey
5) William Kincade b. c1855
6) Edward Kincade born c1859, married Margaret Patterson
7) Isabella Kincade born 16 Mar 1841, m. 10 Dec 1866 James Lockhart
8) Mary Ann Kincade b. c1846
9) Elizabeth Kincade.

PANB:MC1/Kincade, 30 pages: David may have been the brother of George Kincade who married Matilda – .

George Kincade
, born c1807 in County Tyrone, Ireland, married Matilda – , born c1817 in County Donegal, Ireland. The family settled in Johnston Parish, Queens County.

1) William Kincade b. c1838
2) James Kincade b. c1843
3) Ann Jane Kincade b. c1845
4) Matilda Elizabeth Kincade b. c1847
5) Isabella Kincade b. 21 Feb 1850
6) Eleanor Kincade b. c1852
7) Andrew Kincade born c1854
8) George Wetmore Kincade born c1855
9) Samuel Kincade born c1857
10) David Kincade born c1860
11) Sarah Kincade b. c1865.

PANB:MC1/Kincade, 30 pages: George may have been the brother of David Kincade who married Elizabeth Gardiner.