John McAdam
, born 28 Mar 1809 in County Antrim, Ireland, died 13 Mar 1893. He came to NB and settled at St. Stephen, Charlotte County. He married, 1835, Jane Ann Murchie, born in 1816, the daughter of Daniel and Janet (Campbell) Murchie, both of Scottish origin, and residents of St. Stephen. Jane died 23 Nov 1901.

1) Hugh McAdam: settled in Milltown, NB
2) John McAdam: settled in Woodstock, NB
3) Andrew McAdam: settled in Oak Bay, NB

1) Miss McAdam m. A.H. Sawyer of Calais, ME
2) Miss McAdam m. G.F. Pinder of St. Stephen
3) Miss McAdam m. Frederick Scammell of New York

PANB:MC1156 Graves Papers: John McAdam, 1 page.