John McCloskey and his wife came to NB from Ireland and settled in Fredericton Junction, Sunbury County.


1) John McCloskey, born 1826, married Phoebe Phillips, born in Ireland
2) James McCloskey unmarried

3) Mary Ann McCloskey m. Timothy Colman

4) Charles McCloskey: went to US about 1865

5) Catherine McCloskey m. James Maher

6) Phoebe McCloskey

7) Thomas McCloskey: left home at age 16 and lived in 23 US states.


Source: PANB:MC1/McCloskey, 1 page: contains a page from the John C. Tracy Book: Fredericton, Junction.
Patrick McCLOSKEY came from County Tyrone, Ireland in 1819 at the age of 13 with his 1-year old sister, Sarah.  In 1842, he married Sarah McKENNA, also from County Tyrone.  He started as a peddler carrying a backpack and selling wares in the Miramichi district as far north as Bathurst.  Later, he purchased a horse and wagon and had a large red chest to hold his wares, which still exists.  They settled in Boiestown and opened a general store.  His son, William, built a larger general store and operated a lumber business.  A McCloskey general store was in the family for 5 generations. 
  1. Henry McCLOSKEY
  2. John (Jack) McCLOSKEY 
  3. James Leo McCLUSKEY
  4. Thomas McCLOSKEY
  5. Bernard (Barney) McCLOSKEY – moved to California
  6. Patrick McCLOSKEY 
  7. Michael McCLOSKEY – moved to California
  8. William McCLOSKEY
  9. Mary McCLOSKEY


    Source:  Susan McCloskey, great-great-granddaughter PANB Dictionary of Miramichi Biography Pg. 673 for William Richard McCloskey and PANB MC80/2184 Pg. 255-56 Contact info: email [email protected]