George McKean
, born 1842 in County Armagh, Ireland, came to NB in 1867 and settled in Saint John. He married, in 1873, Annie J. McGiver, the daughther of R.P. McGiver of Saint John.

Children were:
1) Mary E. McKean
2) William Kirk McKean
3) George R. McKean.

PANB:MC80/338 . Allen Jack’s Biographical Review, pages 568-569. 

NOTE:  This correction was received through the ICCANB webmail:

Please note that Allen Jack’s Biographical Review is in error in stating
that George McKean, of Armagh, married Annie Gertrude McGiver, dauughter of R. P. McGiver.

George McKean married Annie Gertrude McGivern, daughter of Richard P. McGivern.

Their elder son, William Kirk McKean, was my maternal grandfather.

I ask that a change be made in the spelling of the surname McGiver to
McGivern – another Irish family in Saint John, New Brunswick.

with my thanks,
Amy McKean Pullen McKay, Halifax