Josias McKinney
, born 1799, died 26 Oct 1862, and his wife Matilda, came to NB in 1828 and settled in Charlotte County.

1) Martha McKinney b. 1826, d. May 1903, m. Richard Dyer born 8 Oct 1819 inCounty Cork, Ireland, the son of Michael and Jessie (Sutherland) Dyer
2) Mary Ann McKinney married Charles Birney
3) Elizabeth McKinney m. George Vail and moved to California
4) John McKinney m. and lived on Whittier Ridge
5) James McKinney b. 1829, d. 1900, m. (1st) Miss Birney, sister of Charles, m. (2nd) Ann McKinney d/o James McKinney of Sorrel Ridge: family settled at Whittier Ridge
6) Samuel McKinney born 1831, died 1913, m. Joan McCrum.

PANB:MC1/McKinney, 6 pages: Robert McKinney may have been a relative: Michael Dyer born 1797, died 7 Sep 1838, married Jessie Sutherland d/o Alexander Sutherland b. 1747 in Scotland, d. 1847 and wife Margaret Merrill born 1760, died 1856: settled at Elmsville, Saint Patrick Parish, Charlotte County.

Robert McKinney and wife Ann McCloskey came to NB in 1828 from County Antrim, Ulster, Ireland and settled at Gardner Ridge, later Sorrel Ridge, Saint Patrick Parish, Charlotte County.

children were born in Ireland:
1) Robert McKinney b. 1810, d. 1873, m. c1835 Sarah Crilley b. 1815 in Londonderry, Ireland, d. 1871
2) Isabel McKinney b. 1812, m. Mr. Mitchell
3) Mary McKinney married Mr. Dyer
4) John McKinney m. Miss McCloskey d/o John McCloskey
5) James McKinney m. Betty –

PANB:MC1/McKinney, 6 pages: Josias McKinney may have been a relative: Sarah Crilley’s brother was Daniel Crilley b. Aug 1826 came to NB in 1851 and settled at Rollingdam and m. 1877 Margaret Owen: Sarah Crilley came to NB in 1834 with a Johnston family.