Edward Moore
, born 1804 in County Derry, Ireland, died 30 Jun 1887, married Charity Carlisle, born 1810 in Ireland, died 18 Oct 1893. They came to NB in 1837. The family first settled at Burton, Sunbury County.

1) James William Moore born 1837 in Ireland
2) John Moore b. 1838 in Burton, NB, d. 5 Sep 1890
3) Robert Moore b. 1839 Burton, d. 20 Oct 1893 at Lowell, MA
4) Thomas Moore born 1843 at Burton
5) Mary Ann Moore b. 1844 at Burton, m. George Fraser
5) Edward Moore b. 1846 at Burton, d. 24 Jan 1919 at Fredericton, m. Mary Jane Mott b. 1849 d/o George Mott, died 4 Sep 1922
6) Sarah Jane Moore b. 1847, d. 23 Jun 1921, m. 2 Jun 1868 Hubbard Niles b. 1839 at Burton s/o Samuel and Eunice Niles
7) Eliza Moore b. 1850
8) Isabella Moore b. 17 Jan 1854 at Three Tree Creek, NB, d. 13 Nov 1931, married 8 Aug 1872 at Saint John, NB, Henry Niles b. 15 Sep 1845 s/o Samuel and Eunice Niles, d. 4 Apr 1923
9) Christianna Moore born 1860 at Swan Creek, NB, married 26 Oct 1882 at Fredericton, Joseph Moore
10) Thomas Moore born 1863 (s/o Mary Ann Moore).

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Hugh Moore
, born c1792 in Ireland, died 28 Jan 1876, married Prudence -, born c1794 in Ireland, died 20 Oct 1852. The family came to NB in 1838 and settled in Fredericton, York County.

The 1851 census for Fredericton lists the following children:
1) John Moore
2) Jane Moore
3) James Moore married Miss Chestnut d/o Robert Chestnut Jr. and Margaret Anthony
4) Selina Moore
5) William Moore
6) Marianne Moore b. c1834, d. 6 Nov 1852.

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John Moore
, born in north of Ireland, came to America and settled in New York. He moved to NB in 1783 as a Loyalist. He first settled near Saint John, then at Canterbury in York County. His wife’s name is not given.

The only child mentioned was William Moore b. 12 Mar 1797, d. 1854, m. Eliza Latham b. 28 Sep 1818 d/o George Taylor Latham of Halifax, NS: had eleven children.

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Joseph Lyttle Moore
, born 1826 in Donegal, Ireland, the son of Robert and Catherine (Osborne) Moore, died 2 Jan 1872 at Amherst, NS.

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Joshua Moore
, born c1777 in Ireland, died in Ireland. He married Jane Moore, born 1777 in Ireland, died 13 Dec 1858 at Scotch Lake, NB.

children born in Ireland:
1) Ann Moore
2) John Moore b. before 1807, m. Mary Minnis
3) Charles Moore born c1808, m. (1st) Mary Sally McKibben, m. (2nd) Jane Fleming: the family settled in Queensbury Parish, York County
4) William Moore b. 1812 in County Down, Ireland, d. 18 Nov 1892, m. Margaret Jackson b. 11 Jun 1825 at Scotch Lake, NB d/o Adam and Agnes (Graham) Jackson, d. 12 Jan 1905: family settled at Scotch Lake, NB.

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William Moore
,born 1797 in Ireland, the son of Dr. Randolph Moore of Belfast, died 1885. He married Margaret Moore, born 1798 in Ireland, died 1881. The family settled at Penniac, Saint Marys Parish, York County.

Their son, William Moore, born 1828 in Ireland, died 1925, married Mary Kelley, born 1836, died 1913. They had seven children.

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