Religious Centres
Bathurst Area

Gloucester and Restigouche Counties, which comprise the “Bathurst Area for the purposes of this website, certainly boast more than a small share of beautiful churches and cathedrals.

Parishes of Gloucester County are:
Allardville; Bathurst; Beresford; Caraquet; Inkerman; New Bandon; Pacquetville; Saint-Isidore; Saumarez and Shippegan.

Parishes of Restigouche County are:
Addington; Balmoral; Colborne; Dalhousie; Durham; Eldon; Grimmer; and St. Quentin.

Within these parishes, Irish immigrants played a large part in the early days of the Province – even in those areas which, historically, have usually been thought of as predominently French settlements. In some ways the Irish had more in common with their French neighbours than they did with the English whose language they spoke. The strongest tie between these two cultures was their commitment to their church and the degree to which their religion shaped their everyday lives.

Not all of the Irish immigrants to have settled in these counties were Catholic. Many churches were raised for Irish-related Protestant congregations as well. In the early days it was not unusual for Protestants and Catholics to share a structure for their religious services, arranging a schedule that was convenient to both sets of parishioners.

In this section we profile some of the churches that played a part in early Irish New Brunswick history. We welcome contributions to assist us to provide as complete a picture as possible of Irish-related churches and congregations within these counties.

1. Churches of the Parish of New Bandon, Gloucester County
– by Wilma Murphy