Religious Centres
Moncton Area

The counties of Westmorland, Albert and Kent, included here as the “Moncton Area”, are virtually littered with pockets of Irish settlement throughout. In many cases Irish immigrants may not have brought much with them except their strong faith in God and their commitment to family. As settlements developed often the first permanent structure raised was the local church – even before the school.

In this section we profile what could be considered the primary or “mother” churches of each county. For profiles of additional churches within this area, please be sure to visit the “Communities and Churches” section of this site.

For details on the primary churches in the Moncton area, follow the links below:

Holy Ghost Parish – Riverside-Albert, Albert County

Immaculate Conception Parish – Rexton, Kent County coming soon…

St. Bernard’s Parish – Moncton, Westmorland County