Religious Centres
Upper St. John River Valley

The Upper St. John River Valley area ranges up the west coast of New Brunswick through Carleton County, Victoria County and includes Madawaska County.

While Pockets of Irish can be found in all three, the majority of them are found in Carleton County, thinning out in Vicotria, and with very little in Madawaska as the French heritage becomes stronger and far more abundantly represented.

One thing that the New Brunswick Irish had in common with their French neighbours was the Catholic religion. Indeed, though there were many Irish Protestants in New Brunswick the largest percentage were, and remain today, Catholic . The Irish Protestants are represented more in Charlotte and Kings counties than anywhere else in the province.

In the early days of New Brunswick as a province, most of the smaller settlements were serviced by travelling Priests who might only appear once or twice a year. Hence, it was not unusual to see the Irish of Victoria County travel to Catholic churches in the French communities of Madawaska County for important events like baptisms and weddings. Eventually, it was determined there were enough ssettlers for them to have their own churches.

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To visit the primary Irish-related churches of Carleton and Vicotria County please check out the links below:

St. Gertrude’s Parish – Woodstock, Carelton County

Assumption Parish – Grand Falls/Grand Sault, Victoria County