New Brunswick Irish Trail Early Religious Centers

Bathurst Area
The Bathurst Area encompasses many parishes in the counties of Gloucester and Restigouche. The New Bandon Parish is of particular significance to those of Irish ancestry. more….

Charlotte County Area
While Irish pockets are found in many parishes of Charlotte County, the largest and most important religious centre for the Irish in the area is St. Andrew’s Parish. more….

Fredericton Area
Of the many parishes in York, Sunbury & Queens counties, Protestant and Catholic, that have significance in the history of the Irish in the area, St. Dunstan’s Parish is considered the “mother” church of the area. more….
Miramichi Area
The religious centre of Northumberland county is Miramichi City. There stands the impressive St. Michael’s Basilica, a testament to the religious commitment of the predominantly Irish congregation. more….

Moncton Area
One of the noteworthy churches of Westmorland, Albert and Kent counties, the impressive St. Bernard’s Church started with a very small chapel and quickly grew to what it is today. more….

Saint John Area
In Saint John and Kings counties the Irish faithful displayed their conviction with the building of many churches over the decades of the 19th century. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is a glorious testament to the commitment of the parishioners in Saint John County. more…..

Upper St. John River Valley Area
While pockets of Irish are scattered throughout Carleton and Victoria counties, with far fewer in Madawaska county, the churches they built were often shared with their Francophone neighbours. more…