Saint John Area Research Centres

For the purposes of the ICCANB, the Saint John Area includes Kings and Saint John counties. In terms of sheer numbers of immigrants arriving in New Brunswick, the port of Saint John certainly saw a goodly share of Irish entering North America. Some who arrived through this harbour settled in the Saint John area, others moved on to other locations in the province, and a great number used Saint John as a “stepping stone” to other parts of North America.

For anyone researching their Irish roots in the Saint John area, or who has a general interest in the Irish in these counties, the following facilities can provide varying amounts of materials useful in your quest. Please click a link below to go to the specific research centre description:

Archives and Research Library, New Brunswick Museum, Saint John

Diocesan Archives – Saint John

Kings County Museum

Reference Department, Saint John Free Public Library

Stake Family History Center (Church of Latter Day Saints) – Saint John