Andrew Rodgers/Rogers: The first known members of this family to arrive in New Brunswick from County Tyrone, Ireland were Andrew Rogers & his wife Margaret. No further precise information regarding their Irish family connections has been found.
They arrived in New Brunswick, in the late spring of 1822 and by 1825 had settled about 5 miles south of Woodstock on the east side of the Saint John River. Nathan was their only child born in Ireland.
According to a land petition signed by Margaret in 1839 there were 8 children in this family – but the names of only seven are known.
In 1839 she & her family were living on Lot 40/41 as identified in the 1833 Garden Survey of Northampton. Margaret Rogers, whose *maiden name remains unknown, died on September, 26, 1879, in her 82nd year, at Nathan’s home in Ferryville, Northampton and is buried in an unmarked grave at the Kirk/Greenbank Cemetery, Northampton.
Andrew Rogers died or disappeared on a trip downriver by raft to deliver lumber to buyers in the Spring of 1838. His grandson, Harrison W. Rogers reported, about 1941, that “it is supposed that he went by boat to Saint John and disappeared.” There is evidence that he mortgaged his properties prior to this trip, suggesting that he prepared himself for a new life in an unknown location. Afterwards, Margaret Rogers classified herself as a “Widow” in the various census records & deeds.
All members of their family combined farming & lumbering, except William, who is referred to in records as a Steamboatman.
*There is a good possibility that Margaret Rogers was a sister of several members of the Kerr family who emigrated to the Woodstock/Northampton area i.e. Alexander Kerr, b 1786, emigrated in 1819; Margery Kerr Hemphill, b 1787, emigrated in 1834; Jane Kerr, wife of William Rogers, brother of Andrew, emigrated in 1840. Margaret Rogers, b 1798/99, who emigrated in 1822, may have been another sibling in this Kerr family.

children of Andrew and Margaret:
1) Nathan Rogers b. c. 1818, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, d. 05 March 1896, burial in Greenbank Cemetery, Northhampton. On 18 December 1843 he married Elisa Ann Hemphill, daughter of William & Margery [Kerr] Hemphill, born April 26, 1819 in or near Castlederg, Co. Tyrone, Ireland. Most members of this Hemphill family arrived in NB in early June, 1834 and two months later William petitioned for a 100 acre grant on Lot 39, beside land owned by Andrew & Margaret Rogers. Eliza Ann died April 23, 1890 and is buried in Greenbank Cemetery, Northampton. Nathan & Eliza had 10 children: John James, b 26 Dec., 1843; Augusta Martha, 16 Jan., 1847; William Andrew, Aug., 1848; Nathan, Oct., 1850; Margaret Louisa, Nov., 1853; Robert Allison, Aug., 1855; Eliza O., Feb., 1858; Harrison Wilmot, 12 March, 1859; Francis Oliver, April, 1861; and Ida Mae, b 6 March, 1864.
2) Samuel Rogers, born July 11, 1822 in NB [census 1901]; died November 6, 1905 in Northampton. He married Martha Hemphill, sister of Nathan’s wife Elisa, on 27 December, 1849. They lived by Sam’s Brook, lot 45, Garden Survey. Martha died in 1874. They are buried in unmarked graves in Greenbank Cemetery. Children of Samuel & Martha were: James Rankin, 1851; **Samuel Pierce, 1853; William **Alexander, 1855; Thomas Arthur, 1857; Robert Bruce, 1860; **Mary Elizabeth, 1863; and Martha, 1866. **Three children survived to become adults. They lived in Minnesota.
3) William Rogers, born 1824/1825, died 15 September, 1866, burial place unknown. He married Hannah Miller, of Woodstock, on April 15, 1853. Children of William and Hannah were: Emma, 1855; George Alfred, 1858; Randolph K., 1861; and William R., 1863. Following William’s death Hannah & her sons moved to the Lewiston-Auburn area of Maine where Hannah died in February, 1909; burial in Riverside Cemetery, Lewiston.
4) Matilda Rogers, born 28 August, 1828, Northampton Parish, Carleton County, N. B.; died 30 October, 1899. Gregory & Matilda were married by a Wesleyan missionary on 30 November, 1848, and at that time they were residents of Northampton Parish. Gregory Clowes, son of George W. Clowes, Sr. and Nancy Anne (McKeen) Clowes, was born 22 May, 1826 probably in Northampton Parish; he died 07 May, 1905 in Perth, (now part of Perth-Andover, Victoria County, NB.) They were farming in Northampton during its census of 1851. Gregory and Matilda moved to a farm in Victoria County, NB, probably during the late 1850’s. Gregory and Matilda lived in or near the community of Perth-Andover, Victoria County. Gregory was a farmer and lumberman. Gregory & Matilda are buried in the Methodist Cemetery in Andover, [NB]. Children of Matilda & Gregory were: George William [1853-1946]; Florence Isadore [November, 1855- December 23, 1859]; Lena Kavanaugh [October,1857- March 29,1861]; Frederick [January 1, 1864-?]; Thomas Rogers [1866-1910]; Charles [1868-1943]; and Sarah Anne [1868-1943] “Anna.” Source of Gregory Clowes family Information & Quotes – 10-986-3, Section IV, 10 July 1991 – Clowes Genealogy by Hubert Bryant. 
5) John Rogers, was born in 1832, Northampton. He married Sarah Anne Clowes, daughter of George W. Clowes, Sr. and Nancy Anne (McKeen) Clowes, on January 5, 1860 in Woodstock. On 10 December, 1868 John Rogers was granted 150 acres of land which included the front, north half of lot 40 and the front of lot 41, Garden Survey of Northampton. Margaret Rogers, his mother, had previously been granted the south half of lot 40 and it is believed that this area was the block of land on which Andrew Rogers & family settled about 1825. John Rogers farmed in Northampton throughout his life and died December 25, 1892. Sarah Rogers died March 18, 1916 in Gardiner, Maine. Both are buried in Greenbank Cemetery. Children of John & Sara: Lena Gertrude, b 21 Sep., 1861; Edward Nathan, b 15 July, 1864; George Milligan, b 3 Feb, 1867; Emma Loretta, b 17 May, 1871; Edith L., b. 17 May, 1871; Susan Augusta, b 7 March, 1874; and Sadie Augusta, b 14 Aug., 1879.
6) Thomas Rogers born Northampton, 1834, married Angeline Armstrong, of Woodstock, on 31 December, 1859. She was thought to have been the daughter of Irish widow Elizabeth Armstrong, 1851 census. He was listed in the 1861 Northampton census as farmer & lumberman. Thomas was granted lot 38 on Gardens Survey, and also owned the front of lot 45 and the waterfront (wanted for salmon netting). Thomas was listed in the 1881 Northampton census as a farmer. H. W. Rogers reported that Thomas Rogers worked in Minnesota for a few years. Those dates are unknown. Angeline Rogers was living in October, 1886. The dates of their deaths are unknown. Their places of burial are assumed to be unmarked graves in Greenbank Cemetery. The only child of Thomas and Angeline, Alice Mabel Rogers, died at the age of five years and two months on 3 July, 1877 & is buried in Greenbank cemetery.
7) Mary Rogers was born on July 25, 1837 in Northampton and died 17 Nov., 1917 in Kilmarnock, Northampton, NB. She married George Nix, c 1860. He was probably born 10 Aug., 1838, [1911 census records], in Hants Co., NS. He was a farmer & lumberman. The family resided in Kilmarnock, Parish of Northampton. George Nix applied for a grant of 100 acres of land in Southampton Parish in 1866 but is known to have lived most of his life on l00 acres of land granted in Kilmarnock Settlement on 02/12/1882. George Nix, according to *Greenbank Cemetery Records, died 19 Jan. 1915, age 72 years. Burials in Greenbank Cemetery. Children of Mary & George were: William, b 18 April, 1862; Bertha, b 20 Aug., 1868; Thania, b 18 July, 1880; Elizabeth, b c 1870; and Blanch, b c 1874. The daughters in this family emigrated to Maine and further details of their lives are unknown.

Note: The legal title of the Greenbank Cemetery is The Kirk Cemetery Company Ltd.

Source: David Rogers 37 Dunkirk Street, Charlottetown, P. E. I., C1A 3Z7.

Along with Andrew Rodgers/Rogers, another Rodgers/Rogers family from Ireland also helped settle the province – in present-day York and Charlotte counties.

Robert Rodgers/Rogers: Robert Rodgers/Rogers (ca 1774-1865) and his wife Fanny (ca 1795-1860) were both born in Ireland (region unknown). They seem to have emigrated to New Brunswick in the early 1820s, before the birth of their son Jeremiah in 1825/26. Available birth and marriage records show that the family lived in St. Mary’s Parish (York County) into the 1840s. But shortly after this time, they relocated to the New Brunswick-Maine border (Charlotte County). In the 1840s, a large lumber company was established in Calais, Maine, and after 1850, records show they lived and worked there. Each of the sons in the family — from Isaac (born about 1820) to Moses (born about 1838) – earned his living as a lumberman.

There is some question about Robert Rodgers’s year of birth. The 1850 US Census lists him as 75 years old, and his death record in 1865 lists him as 91 years of age — pointing to 1774 or ’75 as his year of birth. The 1860 US Census, however, lists him as 73 years of age, and some online family trees rely on this document alone to place his birth at 1787. The location and date of his marriage to Fanny (maiden name unknown), have not yet been traced. Given their age difference, it is possible that Robert was previously married in Ireland.

As noted, the Rodgers/Rogers sons all worked in the lumber industry – for the Gates & Wentworth Company in Calais, Maine. The unusual names his sons Jeremiah and Stephen chose for two of their children, may have been a tribute to the lumber company’s co-owner, Ephraim Gates: Jeremiah’s daughter Vashti shared her name with Gates’s wife. And Stephen’s son, Church, shared his name with Gates’s son, Church Ephraim Gates. (“Church” was a family name in Gates’s maternal family line.) There is no evidence of a blood-relation or marital connection between the two families, however. It is unclear whether they were close personally or if the Rodgers/Rogers family simply chose these names to signal their admiration for the Gates’s as community leaders.

Many members of Robert Rodgers’s family were buried in the same cemetery in Calais, Maine, and this contributor hopes to make a genealogical journey there in the not-too-distant future to verify some years of birth and death that are not yet known.

children of Robert and Fanny:
1) Isaac Rogers (1819/20-1885)
[Sources: US Census data, NB marriage records, US Civil War records, and Minnesota cemetery records]
Isaac was born in Ireland. In 1845 he married Margaret Crawford (born about 1824; may be a sister of Jeremiah’s wife, Ann), in St. Mary’s Parish, York County, NB. Their children were:

– Sarah (ca 1847);
– Almond (ca 1850);
– Jeremiah (ca 1850);
– George (ca 1855)

In 1850 Isaac and his family were living in Calais, Washington County, Maine.
In 1860 they were living in Watertown, Carver County, Minnesota

Wife: Ann Crawford (born about 1825; may be a sister of Isaac’s wife, Margaret)
In 1862-63 – served in a Minnesota regiment in the Civil War
In 1885 – died in Watertown, MN

2) Jeremiah (“Jere”) Rodgers/Rogers (1826-????)
[Sources: US Census data, NB marriage records, and US Civil War records]
Born in New Brunswick, probably St. Mary’s Parish, York County

– Fanny E. (ca 1848; may have died young);
– unnamed baby (ca 1850);
– Vashti (ca 1853);
– James R. (ca 1855);
– Isaac W. (ca 1858);
– Ann and/or Francis (ca 1860) [“Ann” is a baby on 1860 US Census; “Francis” is 10 yrs old on 1870 US Census];
– Jeremiah (ca 1863)

In 1847 – married Ann Crawford in, St. Mary’s Parish, York County, NB
In 1850 – living in Calais, Washington County, Maine
In 1860 – living in Calais, Washington County, Maine
In 1860s – registered for service in Civil War
In 1870 – living in Calais, Washington County, Maine

3) Stephen Rogers (1831-1878)
[Sources: US Naturalization record, US Census data, US Civil War records, and Calais, ME marriage and death records]
Born in St. Mary’s Parish, York County, NB
Wife: Sarah Jane Carr [used only “Jane” in some records]
– James (ca 1854);
– Moses (ca 1858-1871);
– John William (1859-1871);
– Izetta (ca 1861-1920; md Judson Clarke);
– Church Ephraim Gates (1868-1945; md 1st Unknown; md 2nd Hallie Marie Wardwell (two children); md 3rd Christina Lindburg (one child w/no offspring))

In 1850 – living in Calais, Washington County, Maine
In 1851 – married Sarah Jane Carr in Calais, Washington County, Maine
In 1860 – living in Calais, Washington County, Maine
In 1860s – registered for service in Civil War
In 1870 – living in Calais, Washington County, Maine
In 1878 – died in a work-related lumber accident [Calais Advertiser, January 30, 1878]
In 1880s and beyond — descendants relocated to other points in Maine: Machias (1880s-90s), Blue Hill (ca 1900-20), Augusta (1920s), Bangor area (1930s-present).

4) Fanny E. Rogers (1833-????)
[Source: US Census data]
Born in New Brunswick [no records found to confirm it’s St. Mary’s Parish]
Husband: James Flynn/Flinn (b. abt 1826 in NB)

– William (ca 1857);
– Mary (ca 1860)

In 1850 – living in Calais, Washington County, Maine
In 1851 – married James Flynn in Calais, Washington County, Maine
In 1860 – living in Cooper, Washington County, Maine

5) Moses Rogers (ca 1838-????)
[Source: US Census data]
Born in New Brunswick [no records found to confirm it’s St. Mary’s Parish]
Wife: Hannah __________
– Emma J. (ca 1861);
– Annie L. (ca 1870)

In 1850 – living in Calais, Washington County, Maine
In 1859/60 – married Hannah __________
In 1870 – living in Calais, Washington County, Maine

6) Rosanna Rogers (ca 1839-????; may have died young)
[Source: US Census data]
Born in New Brunswick [no records found to confirm it’s St. Mary’s Parish]

In 1850 – living in Calais, Washington County, Maine

Source: Dorothy Rogers (based on research by her sister, Joyce (Rogers) Sanborn)
email: [email protected]
January 2012