Patrick Scanlan, born 1819 at County Cork, Ireland, the son of LeRoy Scanlan, married, c1842, Anne Meredith, born c1826 in Scotland. The family left Ireland in 1845 and settled in Saint James Parish, Charlotte County.

1) Mary Scanlan b. 1843 in Ireland
2) James Scanlan born 1845 in NB: moved to Maine
3) William Scanlan born 1847
4) Sarah Scanlan b. 1849
5) Thomas Andrew Scanlan: later went to Weston, ME
6) Ann Jane Scanlan b. 1855
7) Joseph Scanlan born 1857
8) Isabella Scanlan b. 1859
9) Mary Scanlan b. 1861
10) Adeline Scanlan b. 1863
11) Lucinda Scanlan b. 1865.

PANB:MC1/Scanlan, 5 pages: file contains a copy of report titled Patrick and Anne Meredith Scanlan of St. James Parish, New Brunswick, Canada, 1981, by Steven Fox Scanlan.