Leonard Weeks was born c1820 in New Brunswick and died 16 Feb 1882. He married Margaret Anne Chiney, born c1823 in Ireland:. She came to New Brunswick in 1829 and died 16 Apr 1880. They settled in Fredericton, York County.

children mentioned in the 1851 census of Fredericton and on tombstone were:
1) Thomas S. Weeks b. c1844
2) Charles Wesley Weeks b. c1847, died 2 Jan 1867
3) Jane R. Weeks born c1850.

PANB:MC80/132 Lillian M.B. Maxwell’s The old grave-yard, pages 138-139
The 1851 Fredericton census lists Esther Chiney as a sister-in-law and Rebecca Weeks, living with William Weeks, possible as Leonard’s mother and brother respectively.