Thomas Whalen was born in Ireland and was married (1st) – , (2nd) Mary Larkin born c1801 in Queens County, NB. He came to NB before 1825 and settled on Molus River Welford Parish, Kent County.

1) John Whalen b. 1821 in Ireland
2) Mary Whalen b. 1 Apr 1830 in NB, married Mr. McLean
3) Thomas Whalen Jr. born 18 Jul 1831, married Catherine – born 1845 in PEI
4) Annie Whalen born 9 Jan 1833, m. John Mooney bp. 17 Aug 1828 s/o John and Anne (McKew) Mooney
5) Patrick Whalen b. 4 Apr 1836
6) Michael Whalen b. 22 Apr 1838, d. 16 Oct 1910, married Johannah Welsh born 7 Jan 1853, died 24 Feb 1937
7) Catherine Flannigan born in 1849 (adopted).

PANB:MC1/Whalen, 7 pages: the file contains a report titled The Whalens: a family history by Rodney Warman.
Two brothers of Thomas, named John Whalen b. c1792, and Patrick Whalen, also settled on Molus River. The surname was also spelled Phalen.

Begetting and Begatting: Ancestors of the Whalen Family of King’s County, New Brunswick by James M. Whalen in our "Other Biographies" section.