Joseph Wiseman was born c1814 in Ireland and married 4 Jul 1835 at Bathurst, to Elizabeth Hornibrook, born c1814 in Ireland. The family settled in New Bandon, Gloucester County.

1) Edward Wiseman
2) Robert Wiseman m. Lydia – : lived in Bathurst
3) William Ernest Wiseman born 3 Jun 1845 m. (1st) Sophia Hinton, (2nd) Esther Hinton
4) Samuel Wiseman b. 14 Dec 1847: to Wisconsin
5) Joseph Wiseman m. Elizabeth Hierlihy
6) George Wiseman: settled in Moncton
7) Arnold Wiseman: moved to Providence, RI
8) Stuart Wiseman: moved to Mars Hill, ME
9) Mattie Wiseman: moved to Portland, Maine
10) Katie Wiseman
11) Elizabeth Wiseman
12) Ann Wiseman.

PANB:MC1/Hinton, 2 pages.